Cannot recommend Galloping Goop enough first photo was after Odin decided to give himself a Mohawk and turn himself orange Top right hand was half rinsed half still dirty and bottom right is rinsed out only using galloping goop. Show season come at me ��

We all know the sweet little legs of Eefje, but in the cold months the tail gets dirty, well then you go gf googling for special shampoo for dirty horse legs. I try the De-Greaser of galloping goop!And see! Voila! Eefje dr legs and tail are clean again! Within 30 minutes! First soak the stuff (looks like cream) in the tail, fifteen minutes, then moisten it with some water so that it can mix (? Yes yes) and then; hup in the washing place and washing!And then the result! And easy to comb out!Oh and it smells super nice�In short, I have already ordered! ��‍♀️

  Evy Ruijs     27-05-2019 21:05     Kommentare ( 0 )
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